Workplace Training

Give your employees the skills to better serve your clients

Expand your market to reach a new world of customers. We offer on-site language classes and workplace training to prepare you to do business in our increasingly global economy.

  • Language Classes:¬†Our highly experienced language teachers will give your employees the language skills they need to more confidently and adequately work with their clients. We customize the class to meet the highest needs and interests of your employees, to make things relevant to your line of business.
  • Intercultural Diversity Training:¬†Diversity in the workplace makes for a stronger team. Gain the skills necessary to create a positive, effective workplace with people from a variety of cultures, languages, ages and more.
  • Professional Development:
    CSL provides various professional development opportunities for individuals and organizations, including customized language classes or private lessons, cultural and diversity training, as well as continuing education workshops for professionals in the fields of education, language acquisition and more.

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