What’s included in the cost of a series of in-person group classes?

An interactive, hands-on language learning experience in which students are immersed in the language as well as culture.
A team of passionate and knowledgeable language teachers who is committed to upholding the highest standards of research-based Second Language Acquisition methods, using sustainable best practices, immersion-based learning techniques, and experiential, participatory communication processes.
Small classroom setting with approximately 3-15 students in a group class. With this size, students receive the structure and personal interaction they need to achieve their personal and professional goals in language acquisition and cultural understanding.
Access to additional language learning resources to help support and facilitate students’ continued learning both inside and outside of class.
Free Wifi
Cup(s) of fresh coffee or tea
(Often teachers bring typical food and drink to use as a part of the class.)
Pocket folder with some notebook paper to get you started.
Various writing utensils of your choice
Books are purchased separately. Visit the class information page on our website to see if a book is required for that particular class.