I have an organization of 350 employees with sites primarily in the South (Alabama and Tennessee) and South West (Texas). I have found over the years that our workforce is getting more and more diversified. Working with the Chattanooga School of Language has been a great way to improve my language skills so that I can communicate effectively with employees. I have also found that you can’t learn a language without learning the culture as well. Being able to relate and understand other cultures has been an advantage in finding and retaining a talented work force. 

The Language School’s ability to offer one-on-one teaching for a more intimate and focused sessions has been effective for me and my learning. After an initial 1st class, my Instructor was able to customize the subsequent classes to focus on my weakness and on the parts of the language I need most for doing business. 

For people who are serious about putting in the time and effort to learn a new language and culture, I have found the Chattanooga School of Language to be a fabulous investment in myself and my business.

Clay Reis
Area General Manager, Georgia Pacific Waxahachie, Huntsville, Cleveland, Spanish student