Rachelle Barr

Rachelle is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she was homeschooled and dreamed of traveling and learning languages though she spent most of her days in her living room. She attended Lee University where she finally got to take French classes and truly struggled with the structured and rushed nature of college-level language classes. She finally got to travel to Normandy, France, for six weeks in 2007, an experience that changed her life. Yes, it was wonderful to be immersed in the language, but it was the skill, clarity, and gracious patience of her teacher that helped her realize she could succeed and be fully bilingual.

Today, she aspires to pass on that gift to her own students. Even though she learned French as a young adult, Rachelle is a near-native speaker of French and has been teaching for almost ten years, first at Signal Mountain and now at Ooltewah High School in the IB program, and is excited to join the team at CSL. When she isn’t teaching French, Rachelle loves hanging out with her two francophone kiddos, writing and playing music (you may have heard her singing at local songwriting events!), gardening, and being in the woods, hiking, swimming, and foraging.