Josh Barrett

Josh is an English Language Teacher in the IELCE Program at CSL. A native of North Carolina, Josh discovered a love for teaching at a young age. Through over 10 years of experiences teaching students of all ages and of numerous language backgrounds, he has developed a passion for serving students and helping them achieve their goals. 

Josh holds a B.A. in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Theological Studies from Lee University. He recently completed his master’s degree at Lee in Theological Ethics. He loves thinking about how and why morality matters for everyday life, and he enjoys discussing civic responsibility in his classes. For Josh, IELCE classes at CSL are not only about learning English, but also about becoming better citizens, listeners, and learners.  

Josh has been living in the greater Chattanooga area since 2013 and is currently studying Arabic in his free time.