Claire Vassort

A French native, Claire Vassort was born in Châteaudun, France in the mid-sixties. During her schooling in France, she always showed a strong interest in language and the arts. Her interest in foreign languages and cultures has led her to travel the world extensively. In 2001, she put her bags down in Chattanooga, TN.

A teacher by trade, Claire holds a teaching degree in the French school system and is fully bilingual (French and English). She has been working as a professional French translator for three years and as a French tutor ever since she set foot on the American continent in 1988.Claire has a strong interest in language, art and culture and plans on sharing all of these with her students. Her other passions include silk painting, hang gliding and gardening. She makes a special effort to stay in close contact with France by making a yearly trip to her home land where her entire family still resides.