Student Testimonials

I have learned far more in the last nine months at CSL than I could have on my own and have loved every minute of it!

Lauren Gauthey
German student

I began taking German classes at CSL to better communicate with my husband’s family, but I never anticipated having so much fun in the process. It’s wonderful to be in a learning environment again after graduating from college a few years ago. I have learned far more in the last nine months at CSOL than I could have on my own and have loved every minute of it!


Because of my new legal status as Managing Director of my corporations operation in northern Germany and given my heavy travel requirements, I opted for private German lessons through Chattanooga School of Language. My instructor has been great about working around my busy schedule, and she has done an excellent job of not only teaching the language, but she’s also brought to my classes German language business news topics that help me relate to my professional world. Well worth the investment for me and my firm.

Jeff Richmond
President, Roadtec
German student

Working with CSL has been fantastic! Laurie was insightful with placing me with an awesome instructor in Shelley!  My Spanish goal is to be a continuous learner. The beauty of Spanish culture is seemingly everywhere. As the owner of a communication company, I want to be a good communicator in another language. CSL was patient with my learning style and resourceful when I was faced with language difficulties.  Although I have a long way to go, CSL is giving me a solid language platform. Thank you very much!

Vincent Phipps
Certified Speaking Professional, owner of Communication VIP Training and Coaching
Spanish student

To prepare my children for a trip to visit relatives in France, we signed them up for weekly French lessons at CSL. Eventually, with another father and daughter, I joined the class myself. The family experience of learning French together has been wonderful, and it has given us new, shared experiences (and words!) to enjoy at home. Cécile Lainé is a very talented teacher who works harder on preparing for class than I would expect of any teacher. Learning from her is interactive, interesting, engaging. She is a joy. I recommend CSL to anyone — child or adult –who is interested in learning a new language or improving their foreign language skills.

Frank Williamson
Parent of two children in a CSL customized/family language class
French student

I have an organization of 350 employees with sites primarily in the South (Alabama and Tennessee) and South West (Texas). I have found over the years that our workforce is getting more and more diversified. Working with the Chattanooga School of Language has been a great way to improve my language skills so that I can communicate effectively with employees. I have also found that you can’t learn a language without learning the culture as well. Being able to relate and understand other cultures has been an advantage in finding and retaining a talented work force. 

The Language School’s ability to offer one-on-one teaching for a more intimate and focused sessions has been effective for me and my learning. After an initial 1st class, my Instructor was able to customize the subsequent classes to focus on my weakness and on the parts of the language I need most for doing business. 

For people who are serious about putting in the time and effort to learn a new language and culture, I have found the Chattanooga School of Language to be a fabulous investment in myself and my business.

Clay Reis
Area General Manager, Georgia Pacific Waxahachie, Huntsville, Cleveland,
Spanish student

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The Chattanooga School of Language has been a perfect solution for strengthening my child’s foreign language skills to supplement high school academic requirements.  The weekly one on one tutoring sessions have made a big difference in preparing for oral and written tests, but also have helped to build self-confidence for classroom speaking requirements.  From assisting with phonetics for new words to reviewing essays for grammatical improvements, the personal attention provided by the team has made a positive impact on my child’s foreign language progression.   

Laura Parker
mom to high schooler who took Spanish tutoring lessons with us for several years

I’ve been trying to find a fun, interactive Spanish class for my daughter for a long time. Time and distance were an issue until the Chattanooga School of Language came to my daughter’s school! My daughter is learning Spanish and having fun with it. She comes home excited about new words, and she’s also learning about different countries and activities that make her curious about the language. She was not very enthusiastic about Spanish before, but I’m a firm believer that learning another language will open opportunities and increase her exposure to other cultures and countries. Thank you so much for bringing the program to her school and giving me the opportunity to expose her to my native language through this wonderful program.

Jessica Cliché
Parent of a child in a CSL after-school language program

While we have several Spanish-speaking employees at TVFCU, we wanted to further connect with our Spanish-speaking members by increasing the number of frontline employees who know Spanish. We reached out to Laurie Stevens at Chattanooga School of Language for recommendations. She created an eight-week Spanish class tailored specifically to fit our needs in the financial services industry. Our expectation was not for employees to be fluent, but for them to be more confident in their ability to overcome the language barrier. Thanks to CSOL for helping us break down language barriers and improve our member experience. We are grateful to have CSOL in our community to help all of us be more inclusive of our entire Tennessee Valley community!

Dionne R. Jenkins
VP, Diversity & Inclusion
Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union

Taking classes at CSL has been a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed and continue to fully enjoy my French class. My teacher is always well prepared and utilizes different strategies and resources to keep us engaged. Learning a language is more than just acquiring the grammar but the cultural component is an essential part of the language learning process. Additionally, lessons are taught in the target language providing total immersion which makes students communicate in the target language. I would highly recommend classes at CSL. 

Nozi Madida
High school Spanish teacher
French student

Chattanooga Language School has provided an amazing learning experience through their current online Japanese Zoom class. Although I am not usually an online learner, I have found learning at home to be beneficial, and it still allowed me to interact and challenge my fellow classmates. As the owner of a Japanese imports boutique, I feel that I am learning the polite way to speak and do business in Japan through the verbal and social teachings of my Sensei.

Margaret Armour
Owner of I Go Tokyo
Japanese student

Lucie went to Spanish class today for the first time and told me she felt so confident talking out loud. She was very proud and comfortable in class…and felt like her time with CSL this summer was really well spent. She loved her CSL experience and I loved hearing her reaction to the first day of class! Thank you so much!

mom to Lucie, a high school student and CSL Spanish student

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