Winter 2021 Term Details

We are so excited to have you here! Please review these details about the term before your first class!

  1. The student dashboard is where all of the important information about class lives!
    Here’s a video on how to use it!

2. Term breakdown! Classes begin the week of January 11. There will be no class on MLK Day (Monday, January 18). If you have a Monday class, your teacher will add on a class at the end of the term.

Here’s how many classes you should receive based on what you’re signed up for:
– Adult Classes will run for 10 weeks.
– After School Kids Classes will run for 12 weeks.
– Immersion Playgroups will run for 6 weeks.
– Yoga en EspaƱol will run for 5 weeks.
– Homeschool classes will run all semester.

3. Whether your class will meet in person regularly or you have 1 in-person event throughout the term, please review our Covid-19 information page. Click here to view.

Let me know if you have any questions or support, and enjoy your first week of class!