CSL Team

Audi Wilken

Audi is a native of Berlin, Germany. A bilingual child, speaking both German and Danish.

Emil Ayoub

Emil Ayoub was born in Jordan in the Middle East and currently teaches Arabic at Covenant College.

Ethan Pope

For more than 20 years, Ethan has been involved in sign language.

Laurie Stevens

Chattanooga native but world traveler at heart, Laurie has a passion for culture and language.

Leslie Morrow

Leslie is a Chattanooga native who lived in Italy for twenty years. She first taught English in a private language school and later began working as a translator and interpreter.

Pedro Pons

Pedro was born in Guatemala and immigrated to San Francisco in 1957. He has taught medical Spanish at Erlanger Hospital through Chattanooga State.

Claire Vassort

A French native, Claire Vassort has been working as a professional French translator for three years and as a French tutor.

Liz Gibbons

Liz continued her career in Chattanooga, teaching Spanish at Belvoir Christian Academy.

Joohee Bae

Joohee is a native Korean speaker and has B.A. in English literature from Dan-Kook University in South Korea.

Paige Moffett

Programs and Operations Manager From 2017-2020, Paige worked alongside Emily and Teo Valdés as a founding team member of Language South and El Pueblo Spanish Camp. Most recently, she was the Opera…

Josh Barrett

Josh is an English Language Teacher in the IELCE Program at CSL. A native of North Carolina, Josh discovered a love for teaching at a young age. Through over 10 years of experiences teaching students…

Kim O’Brien

Kim and her family recently relocated to the Chattanooga area after living in Las Vegas for 25 years. After spending a year in Belgium as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in high school, Kim becam…

Rachelle Barr

Rachelle is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she was homeschooled and dreamed of traveling and learning languages though she spent most of her days in her living room. She attended Lee Universi…

Tatiana Poggi

Bilingual Communications Assistant A Chattanooga native, Tatiana is a junior at Tulane University majoring in Political Economy and Legal Studies in Business. She first discovered her love of langu…

Janet Geerlings

Janet was born in Brazil, and she grew up speaking both English and Portuguese. In college, she majored in French and German. She has been teaching ever since – in public, private, and home schools, a…

Robert Tallent

Robert teaches Spanish, Romanian, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese and English. Robert is a Tennessee native and discovered his passion for learning languages in high school by connecting with the in…