Homeschool Spanish – Elementary Beyond Beginners (Virtual)

Homeschool Spanish – Elementary Beyond Beginners


Mondays & Wednesdays from 12:00 – 12:45 PM (EST)
Starts on January 11, 2021
1.5 hours of instruction each week

At the Chattanooga School of Language, we teach for proficiency. Our focus is communication in the target language (the language you’re learning). Our teachers use various communicative, comprehension-based instructional strategies to provide our students with an engaging, fun and input-rich learning experience. Read more about the Comprehensible Input (CI) method for language acquisition and what you can expect from a language class with the Chattanooga School of Language.

This class is for students who have already had at least one year in the target language. Our language program is founded on the principles of Comprehensible Input, and our focus is language acquisition. Through our program, students will develop a connection and more in-depth understanding of the target language and culture through storytelling and interaction. Classes will be conducted primarily in the target language, and the students will be given the tools to continue developing their comprehension skills (reading and listening) and, consequently, their ability to speak and write the language (age appropriately).

Through storytelling and relevant interactions, our language students will learn to understand and use high-frequency structures in the target language. The class will provide a holistic approach to learning a language by focusing on body-kinesthetic, student-driven, and fun activities that make the language come alive.

Payment Options & Registration
Pay in full for the Spring semester: $292.50
Pay in monthly installments: $65/month over 5 months (January-May)

Families have the option to pay monthly, by semester, or a one-time payment upon registering their child. Click on the link below to fill out a registration form and for more information on pricing options.

Spring Schedule
First day of class: January 11
Last week of classes: May 10-14
No classes on: Week of April 5-9 (Spring Break).

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