French: Novice Mid


At the Chattanooga School of Language, we teach for proficiency. Our focus is communication in the target language (the language you’re learning). Our teachers use various communicative, comprehension-based instructional strategies to provide our students with an engaging, fun and input-rich learning experience. Read more about the Comprehensible Input (CI) method for language acquisition and what you can expect from a language class with the Chattanooga School of Language.

Novice Mid (A1)
(approximately 60-90 hours)

Review the Proficiency Guidelines for this level and learn what you can do with language at this level of proficiency in terms of speaking, writing, listening, and reading in real-world situations and non-rehearsed context.

This class builds on the skills acquired at the Novice Low course and continues to focus on the acquisition of high frequency words (the most frequently used words in a language), common structures and cognates (if applicable in target language). In this class, students will expand their knowledge of high frequency vocabulary and use a variety of words and practiced/memorized phrases to discuss familiar topics about life and culture. Students will listen to and read the target language at the appropriate level. Students will be able to ask and answer simple questions on a variety of familiar topics, and will also write and speak in simple sentences, sometimes supported by memorized language.

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