Rachelle Barr

Rachelle is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she was homeschooled and dreamed of traveling and learning languages though she spent most of her days… 

Paige Moffett

Programs and Operations Manager From 2017-2020, Paige worked alongside Emily and Teo Vald├ęs as a founding team member of Language South and El Pueblo Spanish… 

Jessie LaPlue

After growing up in Tennessee, Jessie’s international travels (30+ countries so far!) have given her a deep interest in world cultures and the ways they… 

Joohee Bae

Joohee is a native Korean speaker and has B.A. in English literature from Dan-Kook University in South Korea.

Liz Gibbons

Liz continued her career in Chattanooga, teaching Spanish at Belvoir Christian Academy.