About Chattanooga School of Language

The Chattanooga School of Language, LLC, offers high-quality language instruction in more than 10 different languages to people of all ages and proficiency levels through small classroom settings, flexible schedules and cultural activities. With a team of passionate and dedicated language instructors, CSL provides students with the structure and personal interaction they need to achieve their personal and professional goals in language acquisition and cultural understanding.

Our mission is to create a more aware, educated and inclusive community through the teaching of language and culture.

Our Guiding Principles, Purpose and Values

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” – Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein

Our Values Since its inception in 2011, the Chattanooga School of Language has been built upon the values of cultural and linguistic diversity, inclusion, community, connection and respect.

We believe in the life-changing effects of knowing another language and culture.
We believe that in addition to the numerous cognitive benefits, languages have the power to cross borders, build bridges, and connect others in ways never thought possible. Language is the very essence of connectivity.
Our purpose is to make high-quality foreign language learning and cultural competency/awareness accessible to as many people as possible, while exposing our students and community to the diverse cultures represented by each language.
To truly understand a language, one must to understand the culture from which it comes. So the teachers at CSL provide a broader base for understanding these new languages by delving into cultural aspects, such as customs, food, music and film. The integration of global competence in our classrooms is not only more engaging than bending over a textbook, but it also helps our students of all ages get in touch with a culture outside of their own and become global citizens.
By actively growing our knowledge of a language, we stand to gain a broader, more culture-rich worldview. CSL exists to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps, and we do so”–one class at a time.

Passionate about what we do and Compassionate in how we do it.

  • Creating a safe, encouraging and positive space for students of all ages, backgrounds and proficiency levels to learn languages and explore new cultures.
  • Communicating in a clear and honest way, yet with empathy and support, with colleagues, students and community members.

Committed, Dedicated and Ambitious to

  • Delivering the highest quality service in language and global education.
  • Maintaining the highest standards in Second Language Acquisition practices.
  • Promoting the cognitive, social and emotional benefits of language learning.
  • Constantly improving ourselves with additional training and development.

Service-oriented with a Team Player Attitude by:

  • Demonstrating integrity, reliability and trustworthiness to our colleagues, students and community.
  • Being a solver of problems and action-oriented.
  • Putting the needs and goals of the team before self.

Tolerant, Inclusive and Respectful

  • of all persons, all cultures, all languages.

Locally-Focused and Globally-Minded by

  • Engaging in service of our local community by providing skills needed to be competitive in the global setting;
  • Recognizing that we are a part of a bigger purpose and global community.
  • Supporting and aligning with the City’s efforts to embrace and celebrate our diverse cultures and promote workforce diversity.